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Areas Of Law


Accident & Health Insurance Law:
Insurance that benefits a person in the case of disease, accidental injury, or accidental death. Also, often called personal health insurance, sickness and accident insurance.


Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organization to pay its creditors. Creditors my file bankruptcy petition against a debtor in an effort to get back a portion of what they are owed or start a restructuring.


Criminal Law
Criminal Law is sometimes called penal law, and refers to any different rules in different jurisdictions. These rules comes with set punishments that range in severity due to the severity of the charge against the person.


Personal Injury Law
Personal injury laws deal with legal claims to people to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the wrongdoing of another person. It can also be a company, government agency, or other organization.


Business Litigation
Business litigation is the process of taking a business case through court, most common in civil law suits. There is a plaintiff; the person(s) bring the charge against the business and the defendant, the business being charged.


Divorce Law
The ending of a marriage contracted between a man and a woman, by the judgment of a court of capable jurisdiction or by an act of legislature.


Adoption Law
The official transfer through the court system of all the parental rights that biological parent has to a child, along with the assumption by the adopting parent of all the parental rights of the biological parent.


Class Action Litigation
A lawsuit brought on by a single party on behalf of a larger group of individuals whom all have the same complaint toward the same party.


Drunk Driving Law
Drunk driving law deals with the actions taken against a person who operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Often a person’s alcohol consumption is measured by a field sobriety test, which tests motor skills, or a breath or blood test that finds the percentage of alcohol in a person’s blood.


Business and Corporate Law 
Business and corporate law is the law governing contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, business organizations, property, and bailments. Other popular areas include insurance, wills and estate planning.


Consumer Protection
Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure a fair competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace.


Family Law
Family law is the area of law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including: marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.


Civil Litagation
In a general sense, Civil law, as opposed to criminal law, is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and/or organizations that compensation may be awarded to the victim. These disputes often involve money, or require another party to do something or to not do something.


Health Care and Hospital Law 
Health Care and hospital Law deals with legal issues that are involved in the relationship between a hospital, or a health care provider, and their patient or client. These issues deal with the rights that people have when being treated medically or financially.


Employers Law
Employers law is the entity of law that governs the employer and the employee relationship, often outlined in a contract. This includes negotiate collective bargaining agreements, protection from discrimination, wages and hours, and health and safety.


Construction Law 
Construction law is the body of law that deals with the legal issues that are related to the construction, restoration or demolition projects.


Insurance Law  
Insurance law is the name given to practices of law surrounding insurance, including insurance polices and their claims. It can be divided into regulations of the business of the insurance and the regulation of the claim handling.


Juvenile Law
Juvenile law deals with any matter or issue that involves a person under the age of 18. In addition, there is a separate court system that deals with juvenile cases. These issues can range from custody of the juvenile to criminal offences.


Property Damage Law
Property damage law deals with injuries to real or personal property by means of another parties negligence, or willful destruction, or by some act of nature. Often the amount of recovery is calculated by the value of such objects that were damaged.


Probate Law
Probate law deals with the death of a person and the process of which his or her estate must go through a probate, which is the process overseen by a probate court. If the decedent leaves a will directing how his or her property should be distributed after death, the probate court must determine if it should be admitted to probate and given legal effect.


Real Estate Law 
Real Estate law is a term used for land and anything that is permanently affixed to it. Fixtures include building, fences and things that are attached to building, such as plumbing, heating and electricity.


Wills and Trusts
Wills and trusts both are used as devices, which you can use to provide for the distribution of a persons estate after a death. Trusts often deal without probate proceedings.


Taxation Law
Taxation law is the collection of rules imposed by authority that deal with personal and business related taxes.


Estate Law
Estate law is a term used by the law to describe that part of the law, which regulates wills, probate and other subjects related to the distribution of a deceased person's "estate".


Workers Compensation Law 
Workers' compensation laws are designed to ensure payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.
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